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Coaching Rugby DVD

Everything you need to coach core rugby skills...

A vital tool for any rugby coach - this DVD takes an in-depth look at all the technical aspects of the game that no winning team can do without.



Age: 5-8, 8 -11


Skill level: Beginner, Improver

Full Description

Coaching Rugby DVD contains 49 live action training sessions covering the core skills every player needs. Each session clearly demonstrates coaching theory in practice, many introducing new ways to coach the basics.

Each session show you how to set up and structure the session, and provides key instructions to call out to encourage players.

Covering every stage of basic skills development, the DVD provides the tools to create players that are confident and technically proficient. For instance, if your players are new to tackling or need a refresher course, the DVD has the coaching techniques to help them master simple tackling, before progressing on to front on and rear tackling.

And if your players need to perfect their handling skills, the DVD offers a wealth of expertise, covering the basics of passing and catching, through to offloading in contact.

In fact, the DVD presents all the fundamentals of tackling, handling, footwork, the ruck, maul, scrum and lineout.

You can then use the match tactics sessions to practise these skills in competitive games, to prepare your players for the next game.

Clear objectives

The Coaching Rugby DVD has been designed with clear learning objectives, to keep training sessions focused and enjoyable for players (and the coach!).

The DVD has many features to guide you through training:

  • On screen cues highlight common mistakes made by players and "what to look out for".
  • "Best practice" commentary with key instructions to call out to get the most out of the training sessions and your players.
  • "Take away" points for every drill.
  • Ways to progress and develop the sessions, so you can adapt them to your changing training needs.


All coaches can use the DVD in conjunction with their own long term athlete / player development (LTAD) programme.

Excellent value for money

Easy to use and ideal to pass onto colleagues, the Coaching Rugby DVD can provide training ideas season after season, making it an excellent value for money resource.  

Presented in an easy to follow format, Coaching Rugby DVD is ideal for any coach of junior and inexperienced players. And with 49 sessions taking you through every step of your coaching, it's a resource you'll come back to time and again. Order yours today...

DVD duration: 120 minutes.

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Nash,The University of Melbourne, Australia
By Mark Hooson, 29th October 2010

"It is a great resource, well done."

Kallie Pretorius, Villagers RFC, Cape Town,South Africa
By Mark Hooson, 29th October 2010

"The DVD has plenty of material for both the novice coach and the more experienced coach.What really impressed was the clear demonstrations of every aspect. After the basics it then followed up with a wide range of illustrated coaching sessions for the beginner and experienced coach. Every serious coach must have this Coaching Rugby DVD in his collection."