Fun Rugby Games for 12 to 15 Years

Fun Rugby Games for 12 to 15 Years

Transfer Skills Learned in Games to Matches

Discover how 22 years coaching can benefit you today with top rugby skills games for young teenagers


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 11-16




Skill level: Improver, Advanced
No. of pages: 38

Full Description

Are you coaching or about to start coaching rugby to children aged from 12 to 15 years old?

If there's one age group that can cause the most hassle for a coach it's teenagers. Suddenly your sweet-natured little tykes have become hormone-driven monsters.

It's a crucial time for youngsters in their development as rugby players, not to mention human beings. So, if you want to instil in them a lifelong love of the game and respect for themselves and their team mates, then how you manage them at training is vital.

They may be older, and I'm sure they'll argue they're wiser, but teenagers still want to have fun. And that's the common element of all the games in this coaching manual.

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