The Lineout - and How To Win It

The Lineout - and How To Win It

The secrets of this crucial set piece

A single resource to help you coach all the core lineout skills with 58 plays to confuse and bamboozle the opposition. A4 colour, spiral-bound book.


Coaching Manuals

Age: 11-16, Adult


Skill level: Improver, Advanced
No. of pages: 101

Full Description

The most comprehensive lineout playbook ever published – includes moves for every game situation, whether in attack or defence. With over 100 pages of skills, practices and plays, The Lineout and How to Win It truly covers all aspects of the lineout.  

The Lineout and How to Win It is split into two sections. The first part covers all the core skills you need to fire your lineout into action. The second part of the manual is The Great Lineout Playbook, containing all the lineout moves you will ever need. 

This unique combination of skills and practical tactics makes The Lineout and How to Win It  the ultimate coaching guide. It will provide you with everything you need to know to rise to the lineout challenge.

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