RCW Master Coach volume 1 PDF & Print

RCW Master Coach volume 1 PDF & Print

108 new ideas for busy rugby coaches

108 activities from Rugby Coach Weekly brought together in a high-quality, durable printed manual giving you almost endless variety when choosing what to coach at your next session.


Coaching Manuals


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 8 -11, 11-16




Skill level: Beginner, Improver
No. of pages: 119

Full Description

Welcome to the first in the Rugby Coach Weekly Master Coach  series.

We have gathered all the great sessions over a six month period in one place. They will offer you an unrivalled cross-section of activities and drills that you can use in your training sessions. Set out in our tried and tested format, these activities are easy to set up and easy to understand. Together they will provide you with a bank of varied and fresh exercises to develop young players skills

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