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Rocket Rugby

Supercharge your rugby fitness

Getting your players fitter will enhance your team's game more than any other improvement. This essential book shows you how. (Coaching Manual PDF version).


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 11-16, Adult

Session Plans

Skill level: Improver, Advanced

Full Description

Rocket Rugby is the ultimate rugby fitness book, containing training programmes to take you through the whole season:

  • Getting fit
  • Pre-season fitness
  • Early season fitness
  • Mid season fitness
  • End of season fitness

… as well as simple exercises for the players to do at home or at work to boost conditioning between sessions. 

General fitness is good, but it’s not enough to play rugby. Maybe you can sprint 100m in 11 seconds or run a marathon in under 2½ hours or bench press 75kg, but that doesn’t mean you can run, ruck and pass well for 80 minutes.

Rocket Rugby addresses the areas crucial to the development of the player, regardless of their current standard or ability. 

Rocket Rugby contains practical training to boost all your players':

  • Ability to change direction and reaction times
  • Explosive acceleration, agility and quickness
  • Balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Core stability and body control
  • Stamina development and improved endurance
  • Strength and power generation.  


* Snippet from the Rocket Rugby manual *


Building muscle

Increasing muscle is a wise goal for many rugby players. It allows you to attain a higher maximum strength while protecting you from injury. However, most rugby players use inefficient techniques to build muscle.

To build muscle you must do two things:

1. Provide the body with a stimulus to build muscle.

2. Give the body the nutrients it needs to build muscle.

Rocket Rugby covers the key area of nutrition, including meal plans to aid training and match performances.

It features supplement guidelines to keep you players healthy, safe and legal. 


Rocket Rugby will provide you with an array of fitness plans to boost your team's all-round performance all year long. With the correct fitness training in place, you will enhance your players’ skills and ultimately this will lead to your team winning more matches. Now that's what every coach wants! Order your copy of Rocket Rugby today!


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