The Ruck - And How To Win It

The Ruck - And How To Win It

A groundbreaking coaching manual to create a "rucking machine"

Did you know there are around 150 rucks in an average game of rugby?
The Ruck and How to Win It will help your team get this crucial part of your game sorted out, so that the rest falls into place. (Coaching Manual PDF version).


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 11-16, Adult
Skill level: Improver, Advanced

Full Description

Do your team ever give away a soft penalty or lose possession at the vital moment at rucks?

If the answer is "yes" this is for you!

The Ruck and How to Win It can help you sharpen your players' skills, boost your side's technical expertise and channel your team's aggression to create a successful "rucking machine".

Packed with illustrations and training tips throughout, this new report is set out in two parts.

Part one focuses on individual player skills, including:

  • The methods to stop slow ball killing your game, such as coaching players to avoid contact, make effective contact, and offload in contact.
  • The "5 Golden Rules" to winning the contact contest to secure quality and
  • quick ball at the ruck.
  • How to develop effective rucks by making the ball carrier work harder in contact, getting support players to arrive better and not necessarily quicker to drive through the ruck, and the body positions required for successful (and safer) rucking.
  • The techniques and tactics to dynamically clear out the opposition at rucks by concentrating on one opponent at a time, whilst focusing at all times on the ball. 
  • The simple strategies you can adopt to improve your ruck defence, like getting "close up and personal" with the other team, the "three point stance" to prepare defenders, and the decisions your players need to make about contesting and committing numbers to each ruck. 
  • How best your players can decide whether to attack the blindside or openside following a ruck, and then how to set up these opportunities for a successful outcome.

Part two of The Ruck and How to Win It looks at the coaching of unit and team performance. It contains nine coaching sessions that show you how to explain and coach all elements of the ruck to your players.

The sessions will give you the information and prompts you need to coach:

  • Core Ruck Skills - rapidly clearing out opposition players from the ruck, and securing quality quick ball for the scrum half.
  • The Ruck Contest - competing successfully for 50:50 ruck ball, and making decisions about how to defend or attack.
  • Ruck Defence: "Guard Dogs" - organising an aggressive defence at the side of the ruck to prevent the attacking team either gaining ground or getting quick ball, and competing to win turnover ball.
  • Dynamic Ruck Defence - guarding the fringes of the ruck from close attacks, such as "pick and go" or pop passes, and taking your defence to the attacking team.
  • "Ruck Scan" - improving your players' body positions and decision making at the ruck.
  • Ruck Attack - producing quality ball to attack the fringes of the ruck, providing you with an option to restart the forward momentum of a slow attack.
  • Ruck To Maul - developing great dynamic possession from a static situation.
  • "Ruck Around The Clock" - improving your players' rucking from unusual situations.
  • "Ruck Vision" - getting your players to communicate under pressure and after the ruck to exploit the attacking opportunities.

Every coaching session is created to help you improve your team's ruck attack and defence strategies and techniques, and boost your players' skills and technical expertise.

Take the opportunity now to own this valuable resource that can sharpen your team's match day performance, and see the difference it can make to your next game. The sooner you order - the sooner you will see results!

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