Rugby Coach Weekly 443

Rugby Coach Weekly 443

Win Rucks in Attack and Defence
  • Pooper plays – turnover like
  • Pocock and Hooper
  • Clear up messy rucks

Coaching Files

Age: 8 -11, 11-16






Skill level: Beginner, Improver
No. of pages: 8

Full Description

Pooper plays - Steal the ball at the tackle area like Pocock and Hooper, collectively known as the Pooper

Burst through the - best defences Develop the best techniques and tactics to take on defences when you can’t go round them

Messy rucks - Improve reactions to support the contact area

Find the space, attack the space - Colin Ireland's activity helps your players scan more effectively

Get the players to coach contact - Use player empowerment to get more from your rucking sessions

Breakdown fast attack - Be ready to play with pace from a quick ruck. Ideal for mini players

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