Rugby Tactics Made Simple

Rugby Tactics Made Simple

At last! A rugby coaching manual that explains what those tactical terms REALLY mean...

A coaching book that explains 72 of the game's tactical concepts in simple, plain language.


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 8 -11, 11-16, Adult


Skill level: Beginner, Improver
No. of pages: 90

Full Description

Explanations in plain English and the advice on how to teach these concepts to your players, are entirely the labours of myself and the editors at Rugby Coach Weekly.

It will help you to cut through the jargon of rugby tactics and make a difference to your team.

Like other disciplines, rugby has a jargon of its own.

Unless the meanings are explained they can be meaning-less.

That's why we've explained them in plain, simple English and with large, clear illustrations.

But not only that, you'll learn how to coach the tactics with my tips.

Product testimonials

"This is an essential manual for coaches at all levels, it's well illustrated and full of easy-to-understand explanations". - Sir Clive Woodward, the World Cup Winning former England coach.

"Rugby Tactics Made Simple is a great tool for novice through to Level 2 coaches. Having all the basic terminology in one place is incredibly useful and the level of simplicity in the manual makes it very clear to follow.

I feel this would be very useful not just for coaches but for players. I would definitely recommend purchasing this manual". - Ryszard Chadwick, coach educator with World Rugby and USA rugby, and academy manager with Play Rugby USA

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