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The Ultimate Rugby Warm-Ups

Never hunt around for a fresh rugby warm-up again

If you can come up with a new warm-up idea, or even a variation on an old theme, you should get a more positive response from the players in the rest of the session. They will then be more likely to achieve your objectives. (Coaching Manual PDF version).


Coaching Manuals (PDF)

Age: 8 -11, 11-16, Adult

Session Plans

Skill level: Improver

Full Description

Scientific research tells us that warm-ups these days should be dynamic, not static. This implies movement.

The men in white coats have proved that warm-ups are best if they match the skills, movements or disciplines that your players are about to practise at full pace.

The Ultimate Rugby Warm-Ups Manual is a handy and easy-to-use guide, to help you implement a new rugby warm-up regime at your school or club. 

Incorporating up-to-date thinking, the manual will cover all your warm-up requirements for this year and for seasons to come.

It has everything you need, with warm-ups tailored for the six main aspects of the game. 

  • Contact
  • Fitness
  • Handling
  • Agility and speed
  • Set-piece
  • Pre-match 


If the session is to sharpen up your backs plays, you select warm-ups for handling and agility and speed. On the other hand, if you are taking a scrummaging session, you use a set-piece warm-up.

It makes so much more sense to do a contact warm-up before a tackling session and to use a handling warm-up before a passing drill. The more the warm-up is related to the activity coming next, the better. It’s just so obvious.  

Running your coaching sessions will be easier

Each warm-up is clearly and simply explained, with illustrations. The guide is great for coaching beginners and experienced coaches alike.

If you ever have to take regular rugby training or coaching sessions you’ll appreciate the sheer helpfulness of this resource. This really is a no-nonsense, user-friendly and above all, functional tool that will work for you. 

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