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How to design the perfect ruck drill

  THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE   Dan Cottrell is joined by Ian Diddam and Eamonn Hogan for the first Rugby Coach Weekly webinar. With they're years of experience in coaching, this webinar will help you design the perfect ruck drill.  Read more...


Knock Them Down DVD

Every rugby coach owes it to their players to coach them how to tackle correctly and safely. Phil Larder's new DVD Knock Them Down will allow you to coach your players in the perfect technique for all types of 1v1 tackling. Read more...


Rugby Decision making Passing and handling Attack patterns Decoy runners Scoring tries DVDs - Power Plays DVD image

Power Plays DVD

Dramatically improve your team's scoring potential with this must-have DVD of 32 backs moves - proven to scythe through any defence. Read more...


Rugby Lineout DVDs - Winning Lineout Play DVD image

Winning Lineout Play DVD

Get your lineout working as an unstoppable unit with this easy-to-follow DVD - full of practical, no-nonsense advice you can use straight away to boost your team's performance. Read more...


Rugby Passing and handling Tackling Scoring tries DVDs - The Contact Academy DVD image

The Contact Academy DVD

The basic core skills needed to play rugby correctly and safely are clearly laid out in this easy-to-follow DVD. Read more...


Rugby Footwork and evasion DVDs - Speed and Agility for Rugby DVD image

Speed and Agility for Rugby DVD

Speed-building sessions to give your players that all-important extra yard when it counts. A great resource for rugby players and coaches alike. Read more...


Rugby Decision making Footwork and evasion Attack patterns DVDs - Problem Solving for Back Play DVD image

Problem Solving for Back Play DVD

Let former England scrum half and top rugby coach, Richard Hill, put your backs through their paces and show your players how to unlock the toughest defence.  Read more...


Rugby Decision making Kicking, chasing and catching Lineout Passing and handling Scrummaging DVDs - Pressure Cooker Rugby DVD image

Pressure Cooker Rugby DVD

If players train under pressure, they will feel more comfortable when the heat is on in a crucial match. Learn how to replicate match-like intensity in this must-have DVD... Read more...


Rugby Decision making Tackling Defence & defensive systems DVDs - Phil Larder's Iron Curtain Defence DVD image

Phil Larder's Iron Curtain Defence DVD

The Iron Curtain defence - the cornerstone for England's 2003 World Cup success. Learn its secrets from the mastermind behind it.  Read more...