Rugby Rucking

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How to design the perfect ruck drill

  THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE   Dan Cottrell is joined by Ian Diddam and Eamonn Hogan for the first Rugby Coach Weekly webinar. With they're years of experience in coaching, this webinar will help you design the perfect ruck drill.  Read more...


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Ruck scan

The two primary objectives of this session are to make sure that players maintain good body position when arriving at the ruck, and to improve players' decision-making skills in the ruck. Read more...


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Ruck defence

Get your players to take responsibility for guarding the fringes of the ruck from close attacks, as you look to develop their reactions to danger as well as their communication skills. Read more...


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Ruck attack

This session is slightly more in-depth than previous rucking sessions and looks at how players should support those in the ruck as well as how you can use rucking to lead to good attacking positions. Read more...


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Core ruck skills

This video looks at neatening up rucking technique by coaching players to avoid common rucking problems. These include: players not focusing on the ball, miss hits at the contact area, and players falling over at the ruck. Read more...


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What is a ruck?

This online video clip helps your young players understand what they can and can't do during the ruck, as well as teaching basic rucking technique. Read more...