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How to design the perfect ruck drill

  THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE   Dan Cottrell is joined by Ian Diddam and Eamonn Hogan for the first Rugby Coach Weekly webinar. With they're years of experience in coaching, this webinar will help you design the perfect ruck drill.  Read more...


Knock Them Down DVD

Every rugby coach owes it to their players to coach them how to tackle correctly and safely. Phil Larder's new DVD Knock Them Down will allow you to coach your players in the perfect technique for all types of 1v1 tackling. Read more...


Rugby Passing and handling Tackling Scoring tries DVDs - The Contact Academy DVD image

The Contact Academy DVD

The basic core skills needed to play rugby correctly and safely are clearly laid out in this easy-to-follow DVD. Read more...


Rugby Footwork and evasion Passing and handling Tackling Defence & defensive systems Attack patterns DVDs - Coaching Schools and Youth Rugby DVD  image

Coaching Schools and Youth Rugby DVD

THIS DVD IS OUT OF STOCK   Attention youth club coaches and school rugby coaches! This DVD has everything you need to guide you through the minefield of youth rugby coaching with expert advice from one of the game's most respected coaches, Roger Uttley. Read more...


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Coaching Rugby DVD

A vital tool for any rugby coach - this DVD takes an in-depth look at all the technical aspects of the game that no winning team can do without. Read more...